Munch (Innbundet)

in his own words


Ian Lukins (Oversetter) Jennifer Lloyd (Oversetter)

Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2000
Antall sider: 213
Forlag: Prestel
Språk: Engelsk
Originaltittel: Munch
Oversatt av: Lukins, Ian og Lloyd, Jennifer
ISBN/EAN: 9783791324944
Omtale Munch
"Just as Leonardo da Vinci studied the recesses of the human body and dissected cadavers, I try to dissect souls" said Edvard Munch (1863-1944), Norway's greatest artist and tortured genius. In this study Munch's own soul is laid bare through the first English translation and analysis of diaries, literary sketches and letters, presented together with his most important artistic works. Preserved in the archives of the Munch Museum in Oslo, to which they were presented by the artist himself, Munch's writings give a unique insight into one of the most fascinating aristic minds of the 20th century. Munch was as influenced by the literary and philosophical context of turn-of-the-century Europe as he was by his artistic milieu, and by his own admission, several of his major works began as literary sketches. Beautiflly illustrated with drawings, paintings and Munch's own photography, this book presents an intimate portrait of the artist's life - the early death of his mother, his childhood illnesses, his tragic love affair - through his own philosophical and literary pieces. Interweaving Munch's artistic and literary experiences, these texts provide a commentary on his works and personal philosophy, on the works of his contemporaries (Van Gogh among others), and on the sensibilities of his friends and family. "Munch: In His Own Words" brings the world of the artist vividly to life.

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